The Cycle Platform is a bold new approach to container orchestration. With an operating system built specifically for containers, Cycle becomes the bridge between your developers and your infrastructure. Simplify the stack and gain the benefits of your own private cloud that spans multiple providers. Empower your development team by giving them the tools to streamline workflows, deploy faster, and work smarter.

Cycle is a wholly owned subsidiary of Petrichor, Inc.


Concurra is the world's most advanced interaction tracker for websites. Automatically record and analyze everything your visitors do with their mouse and keyboard while browsing your website, and then apply what you learn to convert better.

Petrichor, Inc. has a minority stake in Concurra LLC.



Jake Warner
Founder & CEO

Jake is a driven, enthusiastic, and non-conformist entrepreneur who rarely backs down from a challenge. Completely self-taught since he was 11 years old, Jake has developed an obsession with creating complex systems that can scale, manage, and repair themselves without human intervention.

Prior to founding Petrichor, Jake worked as a Senior Developer at SingleHop where he developed LEAP3 -- an award winning cloud control panel, and helped automate their data centers.

Alex Mattoni

Alex got involved with tech at a young age, programming and designing video games at the age of 12. Finding his passion in coding and electronics, he attended the University of Toledo for 4 years before leaving to work on Cycle full time.

Over the last few years, Alex has played a key role in building several large web applications ranging from Concurra, a Google analytics competitor, to the Cycle portal. He strives to make user data more accessible by focusing on simplifying complex and convoluted processes.

Board of Directors
Jake Warner
Founder & CEO
Petrichor, Inc.
Bob Savage
Founder & Managing Partner
CoreNetwork Fund
Brian Luerssen
CEO & Co-Founder


CoreNetwork Fund
2016, 2017
Reno Angels






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