More than just another container deployment tool, Cycle does it all. With features like geographic DNS load balancing, auto scaling and automated SSL certificates for all containers, Cycle makes it easier to build, scale, secure, and monitor your applications all in one unified platform.

Using Cycle's Portal or API, easily import your containers from any Git or Docker repository then deploy to bare-metal servers around the world -- all while monitoring the entire process as it happens in real-time.

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Jake Warner
Founder & CEO

Jake is a driven, enthusiatic entrepreneur and perfectionist who has always set highly ambitious goals for himself. Completely self-taught since he was 11 years old, Jake has developed an obsession with creating complex systems that can scale, manage, and repair themselves without human intervention.

Prior to founding Petrichor, Jake worked as a Senior Developer at SingleHop where he developed LEAP3 -- an award winning cloud control panel, and helped automate their data centers.

Alex Mattoni

Alex got involved with tech at a young age, programming and designing video games starting at the age of 12. Finding his passion in coding and electronics, he began to dig deeper into the world of technology. As a student, Alex was featured in the Electronics Technicians Association as an up and coming engineer. He has worked on complex embedded systems, designing and building electronic circuits, and writing software to bring them to life.

Today Alex is driven to create innovative products that move humanity one step closer to the future, and ultimately to have something he created out among the stars.

News / Press Releases

September 7th, 2016 Official Cycle Launch

TOLEDO, OH September 6th – Petrichor, Inc. is excited to announce the official launch of our first product, Cycle. Cycle integrates all the features you need to deploy, manage, and monitor your containers in one unified platform.

June 17th, 2016 Petrichor Announces the Close of Seed Funding Round (Press Release)

Petrichor would like to announce the close of its first funding round. The funds went to the development of Cycle, a container as a service (CaaS) Platform.

June 17th, 2016 Cycle is Attending DockerCon (Event)

The Cycle Team will be attending the 2016 DockerCon in Seattle, Washington from June 19th- June 21st. After a week full of launch preparations, the Cycle founder and CEO Jake Warner and CTO Alex Mattoni are excited for the container focused conference.


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Communications & PR

Emily Little, Communications Coordinator
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Support, Billing & Sales

For Cycle support, please create a ticket via the Cycle Portal.

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